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Tierra in the fast lane !

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CoreLife implements an artificial-life environment based on - and compatible with - Tierra, Tom Ray's well-known project, which displays open-ended evolution using a world of assembly-language creatures running on simulated parallel processors.

I decided to offer CoreLife as freeware to the online community since there are still many people interested in doing experiments with Tierra-like systems. CoreLife is easy to use, with a full-featured context-sensitive help system. It runs on any old ms-dos PC as well as on Pentiums with Windows95.

There's a built-in color VGA interface enabling you to use a custom mouse pointer to manipulate live cells during the simulation, like a needle to inject more creatures and an axe to kill them, or spray mutations (random code) directly into the cells so you can watch the population recover and diversify, all within a fraction of a second.

Typically, from a single cell, a complex community emerges in which evolutionary arms races can be observed. This is the origin of the excitement about Tierra, and the reason I created CoreLife. Enjoy !

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